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Destination Racing: Race Day (part two)

Destination Racing is one of the most fun ways to race. It also makes training for a race a little less painful, because you don't just have the race to look forward to, but also a vacation attached! This post is part two of a series about Destination Racing.  Read Part One about lodging and… Continue reading Destination Racing: Race Day (part two)

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Destination Racing: The Rundown (part one)

Some people vacation to sightsee; we vacation with a race in mind. This is part one of a series about Destination Racing and some tips on how to make it a smooth trip! Part One is about lodging and preparing for the race. This post contains affiliate links. You may review the Affiliate Disclosure here.To… Continue reading Destination Racing: The Rundown (part one)

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8 Important Verses for Workouts

Scripture is such a great weapon to have on hand.  At times of deepest struggles, knowing scripture to turn to that relates to my trial has proved to be a tool that helps me get through the struggle.  Having scripture to turn to during workouts and races can prove helpful in providing motivation and distraction… Continue reading 8 Important Verses for Workouts

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Albuquerque Half Marathon Recap

I wasn't sure if I was doing this race.  The previous week I decided I wasn't training for a full marathon in June anymore, but a half, and I wasn't sure if 1) my legs were recovered enough to race a half so quickly and 2) if I had the heart to race. Thursday, I… Continue reading Albuquerque Half Marathon Recap



The temperatures are going from hot to cool, and depending on where you live, cold. I personally can’t wait. I sunburn, I over heat, and just flat out do not enjoy summer time. Fall and and winter also mean more stroller runs, because we can get out during the day more. As important as it… Continue reading WINTERIZE YOUR STROLLER – RUNNING WITH A BABY IN THE COLD