rundisney-dlrmaraaction21-20170514-401791906502_1Hi there! I’m Joy.  I’m a wife and mom with a passion for leading worship and running!

Running History

I began my running journey in 2014 with the goal to walk 100 miles in 3 months before a Disneyland vacation with my husband. I soon discovered that walking was not as fulfilling as running, and that I needed to expand my goal to 150 miles. After a few 5k races, my mom, Jennifer, and I decided to sign up for and train for a Half Marathon at Disneyland on Mother’s Day…. and the rest is history!

At the foundation of my running is my faith in God. I have been a follower of Jesus for well over 20 years, and I fully acknowledge that I could do nothing without Christ, who strengthens me! (Philippians 4:13) Fitness and faith go hand in hand; your relationship with God is strengthened with constant prayer and devotion, while your fitness improves with hard work and consistency.

To date, I have completed 5 Half Marathons (PR 2:36:01), 2 10Ks (PR 1:07:07) and countless 5ks (PR 30:33). I am currently injured and going to Physical Therapy, so no future races in sight.

More about me

DSC_0933My husband, Cameron, and I lead worship at our church, and I work with the youth worship team, as well as teach preschool music at VBS. Music is one of the reasons we clicked when we first met, and it has always been in my life. Much of what I write about incorporates music, especially worship songs.

We welcomed our daughter into the world in 2016, and our life has never been brighter. She is the joy of her parents, her grandparents (she’s the first grandchild for my parents so they may be obsessed with her!) and her two “brothers” (dogs). I absolutely love being a mom.  Watching someone who was once just a little gummy bear inside me grow and learn every day is a joyful way to live life!

I want to get to know you! Follow me on social media and say hi!