Balloons and Babies

One of my favorite things about living in Albuquerque is fall. All of it. The weather is perfect sweater-and-boots crisp. The chile is freshly roasted. The apples and pumpkins are ready to be picked. There is a cafe within walking distance serving amazing seasonal lattes.

And, there are hot air balloons.

Not only are there hot air balloons, but for the first half of October, there is an entire fiesta devoted to them. I could write several posts about the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, but for this one, I’m going to focus on one specific part of it: Babywearing.

baby wearing balloon fiesta

I’m a baby wearing devotee. From the very beginning, I wore my daughter. It’s the ONLY way to grocery shop, cook, go for a stroll, do errands, and lead worship! It totally made sense that I would baby wear at the Balloon Fiesta, but I couldn’t find any information about what to do in cold weather and big events when baby wearing. So, here we are!


The temperatures at Balloon Fiesta vary, but if you are attending in the morning, it’s probably going to be pretty cold. To get the most out of your experience, you should arrive before sunrise. I was concerned about keeping both myself and LO warm, but also wanted to make things comfortable once temperatures rose.

I dressed LO in a fleece sleeper, socks (underneath the sleeper) gloves, and a very warm hat. This gave her some protection on her extremities, but left her torso with enough coverage without being too much. The awesome thing about baby wearing is that momma and baby feed off of each other’s body heat, so we were pretty comfortable.


I wore a tech long sleeve shirt (thank you, Duke City 2015 race shirt!), and a fleece hoodie/wrap that perfectly wrapped around the baby and baby carrier. I wore this OVER the baby carrier, so that I could remove it once things started warming up. Baby can be worn safely this way when you keep her face uncovered! Also, I used a mini crossbody hipster for more than a year – it was perfect to hold one diaper, a few wipes and my wallet and phone – and fit under the baby carrier!


We ALWAYS take the park and ride option, which makes baby wearing an added bonus. I have NO desire to try and haul a stroller onto a regular school bus crowded with a bunch of other people at 5 AM. Just hop on the bus with baby attached, and if you’re lucky, she will fall asleep during the ride!

Very sleepy and confused as to where we were so early!

While LO was only 5 months old when we took her to the Ballon Fiesta for the first time, I’m glad we did! This is such a great tradition to have with your family!

Always check baby’s hands, feet and face when babywearing, both for signs of overheating and for being cold. Also, be sure to practice correct babywearing, allowing correct posture and making sure baby’s airways are unobstructed.

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