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I Don’t Like Labels, but I Guess I’m a Vegan, Now

A month ago, I went to the doctor, and it was apparent that my bad eating habits (along with basically not exercising all summer) had caught up to me. I had gained a few pounds more than I wish I had, and my blood test results came back with some bad things.

I mayyyyy have panicked, and decided to completely overhaul my diet.

I Guess I'm a Vegan Now

I cut out:
processed flour
sugar (of all kinds)
processed foods

This essentially labels me a Whole-Food, Plant Based Vegan.


I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person, so instead of cutting out one thing at a time, I just cut it all out. Maybe not my best decision. But, I still did it. The hardest part was the sugar, probably. I was surprised it wasn’t cheese.

Basically, I completely overhauled everything I knew about food in one day. I went from eating candy and dessert DAILY to none. I went from snacking at all hours of the day to having to sit down and plan meals, because you need to actually have ingredients on hand when you are a Whole-Food Vegan. You can’t just grab some white bread and peanut butter and call it a day.

I have had to learn to not respond to my emotions with food. Of course, I fully have acknowledged my binge eating habits in the past, but having boundaries on what I can eat is actually helping.

The cool thing is, I feel really good. Fueling my body with plants instead of processed junk is kind of freeing, actually.

What are some of your favorite plant-based recipes? Rest assured, I will share some of mine soon. I’m making myself a “cook-book” of sorts, so that I can meal plan and prepare for this new relationship with food. So far, everyone’s favorite has been a lentil curry soup I made a few weeks ago!

I’m newly into this journey, but will be sharing more as I learn about this new way to eat. Let me know if you have any favorite recipes!

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Labels, but I Guess I’m a Vegan, Now”

  1. Something I have some to enjoy is this kale salad. It’s easy and rather filling!

    1 bunch green kale (shredded)
    1/4cup sunflower butter
    1/4cup olive oil
    3tbsp+ lemon juice
    1 tsp turmeric
    1 tsp salt.
    Sprinkling of sesame seeds


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