How a McDonald’s Purchase Humbled Me


You know those mornings when you don’t really have time to stop and get a drink, but you do it anyway? That was the other day, on our way to church. We stopped at the McDonald’s Drive Thru, waited in line, and placed our order. The line seemed to be moving along fine and swift, until the car in front of me stopped to pay. It appeared the driver of the car and the cashier were having a conversation.

I started to grumble something about being late and my husband, in his oh-so-gentle way, told me I have no clue what is going on in front of me, and that a few extra moments waiting in line are not going to impact our morning that much. What seemed like an eternity passed, and the car in front of me drove to the next window. Finally, we could pay for our sweet tea!

I pulled up to the window, still in a little bit of a bad mood, and the cashier said “the car in front of you paid your bill!”


You should have seen my face. You should have seen my husband’s face (at least, I’m certain he had his “I told you so” face on. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him.) Of course, I was thankful. I truly appreciated the gesture. But more than that, I was humbled. I felt foolish and in general like a total jerk.

We laughed a bit, but as the day progressed, the event resonated with me, deep in my heart.

God reminded me that even while I was still a sinner, He was there loving me and passing on my good favor.

No, really! We were sitting there, grumbling about this and that and He was dying on a cross for the very sin we were committing, before we ever repented. Before we even committed the sin! We were absolutely caught up in our own damaged hearts, and Jesus was there, battling the very devil himself, for US. For you. For me.

I was reminded that before I ever accepted Jesus into my heart, He loved me. That is so difficult to hear sometimes, because it can make me feel unworthy and undeserving. The amazing thing is that His love makes us worthy and deserving. He has redeemed those who follow Him to greater things. Even as we sin, He has given us a Salvation that has forgiven us of that very sin. All we need to do is come to Him and ask to be made clean by His blood.

Today, I hope that you are soaking up His love and mercy, because you are absolutely deserving of it. Your past doesn’t matter in the eyes of God, when you are repentant and ready to serve Him with a fresh heart. He has paid the bill for your sins with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He is standing there, arms outstretched, calling to you. I pray with all my heart that you allow Him to make you new.

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