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Destination Racing: Race Day (part two)

Destination Racing is one of the most fun ways to race. It also makes training for a race a little less painful, because you don’t just have the race to look forward to, but also a vacation attached! This post is part two of a series about Destination Racing.  Read Part One about lodging and preparing for the race HERE.

destination racing part two

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Your alarm goes off at 3:00 AM. For a split second, you consider hitting snooze, and then you remember: it’s RACE DAY.  Jump out of bed, pour yourself a cup of coffee, eat some toast with peanut butter and get yourself excited!

Race morning at home compared to race morning on the road looks pretty similar for me.  I have perfected my routine over many long run mornings.  I recommend you do this, too, to help get your mind in the game and not have any kinks that may throw you off (like an upset stomach, a misplaced shirt or a Garmin that isn’t charged!)

Arrived… at the security line that it took us an hour to get through! Thankfully we got there 2 hours before race start!

Plan on arriving at the race at least an hour early, to allot time to visit the Porta-Potties and get a little warm-up in.  If it is a runDisney race and you are stuck in the last corral, get there at least an hour and a half early so you can stake out a spot at the front of the corral (and HOLD YOUR GROUND! People will push you back!! 🙂 )

Just waiting to use the facilities. 

After you get in your place, make sure you have everything you need and wait for that starting gun! All of your training comes down to right now, and I recommend you try and have fun (unless you are pushing for a BQ or something, and then hit that race hard!) I have had so many races not turn out exactly how I wanted and let it crush my mood, and I wish I had just gotten to the start line and had fun instead.


Once you cross that finish line, get your medal, get a snack and stretch!!! Don’t just run to the car! Meet up with your family, have a snack, towel off a little, and have fun!  Our last race was on Mother’s Day, so we left the Disneyland Resort area to go home and shower, and then we headed back to a lunch reservation at the Storyteller’s Cafe.

It was all delicious, but my favorite were all the different desserts!

This was a doubly special lunch, because it was not only to celebrate our race finish but also to celebrate Mother’s Day!

My daughter had a blast with the characters, making this meal one of the most memorable of the trip! 

After lunch, we headed to the beach! There was no agenda after our reservation, so we took our time driving on the coast, and then after a little hike down, we found this gorgeous beach! (note: my legs completely locked on this descent down! I guess we spent too much time in the car? Keep those legs moving after your race!!)

We were all pretty wiped out after this beach stop, so after cleaning up and driving back home, we took naps and hit the tub! This is definitely a nice thing to use post-race, if you can!

All in all, after racing, it’s a good idea to keep the day relaxed if you can! We had a few more days in California after this race, so we chose to keep things light and fun, and got some rest before hitting Disneyland for a few days!

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