10 random facts

Today is my birthday, so I decided to use this time to give you all a glimpse into my life, with 10 random facts about me.

  1. In High School, I played so many instruments: I played cymbals in the drumline as a freshman and sophomore (we wore these silly sequin and velvet uniforms that required Spanx, even for my skinny teenager body), I played oboe, I played in the pit when I moved in the middle of my junior year, and my Senior year I marched Tenor Sax. I also played piano and bass at church for praise band. Now, I just mainly play acoustic guitar (and ukulele when my daughter requests it!)
  2. I broke my finger catching a volleyball once, and I fractured my wrist in marching band (I got caught between two tubas while I was marching backwards…) Safe to say, I’m a little accident prone!
  3. I am obsessed with baking shows (not cooking… baking).  The Great British Bake Off is my favorite. I also really enjoy baking.  This is one of the main reasons why I run. 🙂
  4. I’m a little bit of an Anglophile… I adore The Queen, I live for tea time, addicted to Harry Potter, Narnia, Doctor Who, the Crown, Call the Midwife, and I feel like I would appreciate life in the English countryside.
  5. I am a “no makeup, no jewelry” kinda woman. I wear my wedding band and simple stud earrings, and my gps watch (😅) and that’s it. I hate wearing makeup, and the main reason I grow my hair long is because I hate using hot tools, and it’s much easier to braid my hair or throw it in a bun than it is to do anything else with it. 😊
  6. I wanted to be a journalist for a newspaper as a teenager, until I shadowed a reporter who told me that it isn’t a family friendly career.
  7. Being a mom is one of my favorite things! I didn’t always see myself being a mom but now that I am one, it feels like a perfect fit!
  8. I am one of those “everything has a place, keep it tidy, don’t mess with my space” kind of people.  I hate it, usually! I’m trying to let go, and having a toddler is helping me let go of my obsession with perfection!
  9. My husband and I met at the same place we got married at! While we ended up going to the same high school, if it weren’t for church we wouldn’t have met at all! I love our story!
  10. I consider myself a “jack of all trades, master of none”.  It’s kind of fun, actually, having such varied interests and skills, and I am loving this path of life bringing me to utilize every thing I know when I need to – like making donuts, or sewing, or driving stick, or photographing a wedding, or doing business taxes, or…. 🙂

What is something I don’t know about you? It can be anything, big or small!

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