Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 7 ideas for active and busy moms!

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8 Important Verses for Workouts

Scripture is such a great weapon to have on hand.  At times of deepest struggles, knowing scripture to turn to that relates to my trial has proved to be a tool that helps me get through the struggle.  Having scripture to turn to during workouts and races can prove helpful in providing motivation and distraction… Continue reading 8 Important Verses for Workouts


FREE Race Vacation Packing List

You may have seen my post about Half-Marathon Essentials and Recovery Essentials, but today I have something special for you... A free printable packing list for you race vacation, or "Racecation" as I like to call them! If you are flying, I highly encourage you to bring your race-day outfit in your carry on.  While it… Continue reading FREE Race Vacation Packing List

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The First Shall Be Last

One of the reasons I hated running as a kid was the fact that I was almost always last.  The shame of not just not winning, but being the final person to cross the line really got to my me. I don’t like to admit it, but I’m a fairly competitive person, and losing just wasn’t going to work for me.  Quitting was much easier to do than lose, and I quit more things than I am proud of as a child because I wasn’t winning as much as I wanted to.  So, this caused almost two decades of an unhealthy relationship with physical activity. 

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Albuquerque Half Marathon Recap

I wasn't sure if I was doing this race.  The previous week I decided I wasn't training for a full marathon in June anymore, but a half, and I wasn't sure if 1) my legs were recovered enough to race a half so quickly and 2) if I had the heart to race. Thursday, I… Continue reading Albuquerque Half Marathon Recap


When God Says “No”

God is good, always.   This goodness extends far beyond our satisfaction with the way life is going.  While we must always strive to be joyful in the life God has given us, there are times when things don't go our way.  Praising Him, in spite of our circumstances, is a privilege.  Our relationship with God is more precious when we choose to worship Him when things aren't going right.