Worship and Word

The Heart of Worship

I often have the hardest time doing the most simple things.  Tell me to sit down and be still, and I will immediately think of ten things I have to start working on.

Breaking away from the daily routine and sitting and doing nothing but worship the Lord – alone, with just a small group of people, or with a crowd – is not always second nature in this world of instant communication and constant internet access.  Distraction is now a way of life for most people who own a cell phone, myself include.  I’m working on that.   Habits are hard to break.

Even more than other times, we go to worship and make it about the quality of the music, the size of the crowd, and the flashy stages.  What a huge distraction!  Even when we do not focus on outside influences, how often can we say that we aren’t completely involved and dedicated each Sunday because we are too focused on how we sound, what we look like and who we speak to at church?

Wow.  My heart is not always coming to the altar of worship with the purpose of honor God. This beautiful act that I can sometimes take for granted and go through the motions…

What is worship to you, when it is just you alone with God?  Maybe there isn’t even any music.  Do you come to worship with a heart desiring to have your song be a blessing to God?  “Speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.” – Ephesians 5:19

Lord, please purify my heart so that I come to worship fully focused on You.  Help us to embrace Your gift of worship so that we can exalt in all You are.  Take away the desire to focus on other things.  Our focus and our life breath is You.

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