Why I Run

I used to be the inactive person who would maybe not go out of the way to avoid physical activity BUT I would always try to find shortcuts.  I didn’t like it.  There were tons of reasons why I didn’t like to exercise, but the biggest was a combination of shame and a lack of confidence.

And then, along came my honeymoon.  My husband and I went to Disneyland for our honeymoon, and we chose to stay off property and just walk to the park every morning.  Between the pre- and post-park walks, the miles added up during the day were exhausting (it didn’t help that we went off-season and wound up riding about 15 rides each day, which is almost record breaking.)

I left this trip feeling out of shape and weighed down by my unhealthy lifestyle.  When we decided to go back to Disney the next year, I knew I couldn’t go on vacation again feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin.  I made a commitment to walk 100 miles before the trip (which was about 3 months away at that point).

After walking during my 30-minute lunch breaks at work, I realized that walking 100 miles was going to take me a lifetime to finish, so I started jogging.  The miles added on quickly and I bumped my goal up to 150.

During this slow start, my mom invited me to join her on a 5k.  I had never run a race before, and hardly ever even run more than 2.5 miles at a time, so I was slightly unprepared for a 3.1 mile race, but it sounded fun to tag along with my mom, even if I totally bonked it.  Well, safe to say, I was hooked with the 5k distance and she and I immediately signed up for a Color Run… and then set our sights on a half marathon, in Disneyland on Mother’s Day weekend, no less!

​In less than a year, I fell in love with running because I found a new strength I never knew I had had.   I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my Ohana, especially my mom and husband.  Mom and I shared a saying during our first half training, “Ohana… no one gets left behind” which we have now adapted to mean that even if we don’t run together, we are supporting each other no matter what.

My mom and I have trained for and run countless 5ks together, a 10k and a few half marathons.  We are now training for our first marathon this summer!

​Running gives me a way to channel my anxiety, it helps me escape, it keeps me energetic and it feels RIGHT.  I am so glad I gave running a chance!

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