The temperatures are going from hot to cool, and depending on where you live, cold. I personally can’t wait. I sunburn, I over heat, and just flat out do not enjoy summer time.

Fall and and winter also mean more stroller runs, because we can get out during the day more. As important as it is to keep your baby protected from the heat in summer time, it is just as important to keep them bundled up in fall, winter and spring!


So, you know the rule that says you need to dress yourself as if it were 20 degrees warmer when you are running? That is definitely not the case for your little one!!!! Feel how cold it is outside and dress your baby for what you feel you would need if you just sat in that weather for an hour (or however long your run will be).

On on a day I wear a tank top and capris, I have my little one in a hoodie, leggings, socks and shoes.
On a day I am wearing a long sleeve shirt, she is in a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, pants, socks, shoes and a hat.
​When I need a jacket, she has on all of the above plus gloves and a blanket.


If it is pretty chilly, another route is a lined snow suit (see picture above with DD wearing red suit) or “pram”. I found this a very easy way to get her dressed when it was early, and the wind was especially brisk!

No no matter what route you choose to bundle up your kid, don’t forget an extra blanket for the bottom of the stroller and also your rain/wind cover!

Here in New Mexico, it is often sunny and cold at the same time. Remember, you and your little one can still get sunburned when it is cloudy or cold! I like to use a facial moisturizer with SPF for both of us in the winter time to help with the dry air.

When I am out with DD in the cold, I make sure to touch her skin every 15-20 minutes to make sure she isn’t too cold or hat she is overheating from being bundled up. This is especially important if you have the plastic rain cover on.

Getting out there with your child is always fun, anytime of year! You may find your LO naps better in the cool air, and that you have a great time running with the stroller!

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