Miles for Emily Grace 2017

Emily Grace Robinson had the prettiest smile. She was a happy baby full of giggles and grins. She grew into a delightful child, smart, compassionate and joyful. At the pediatricians office she had an x-ray because of a periodic back ache. A grapefruit size mass was discovered in her chest, stage 4 sympathetic nervous system cancer (Neuroblastoma). She was four years old.

The cancer took Emily’s life after two plus years of extremely painful yet ineffective treatment. She is remembered by everyone as a happy, caring, always smiling little girl, full of hope and promise.

Emily LIVED more in her six short years than most do in a lifetime. She cared DEEPLY. She wouldn’t want other kids to suffer. She would want a cure to be found. She is survived by her Father and Mother as well as her two sisters Autumn and Evelyn.


Less 4% of the federal budget that funds cancer research goes toward childhood cancers.  This is not enough!

I have teamed up with a group of people for the month of September to log miles in memory of Emily.  Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is a charity that focuses on funding pediatric cancer research, and in the month of September they are asking teams to log a million miles with the dream of turning September from “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month” into “Childhood Cancer Action Month”.

It isn’t too late to join my team, Miles for Emily Grace.  Help us find a cure for all cancer!

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