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Post-Partum Recovery Part 2

After a few months of walking with the stroller, I started adding in Run/Walk intervals into my workouts.  I think I may have just done two a week to begin with.  My intervals were run a short amount of time, walk and recover for several minutes.  I can’t begin to tell you how long I did this before I started to actually build up stamina.  The few workouts I did without the stroller were a breeze, though!
I had a 5k looming in October and knew I needed to work hard to get back to where I had been.
While I wish I could tell you a list of things I did that made me get back in the game stronger than ever, full disclosure requires me to share that it took about a year for me to really get where I was before pregnancy.  It took A LOT of consistent, hard work.
The biggest thing that held me back was that my daughter didn’t sleep through the night until she was almost a year old.  She was a very clingy sleeper and we co-slept for most of that first year.  It wasn’t until she was over a year old that she started sleeping on her own in her own bed all night.
Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things I have experienced in my life, so if that is where you are right now, please know you aren’t alone.  Some day, you will get to sleep again.  I promise.  Just rest when you can and keep exercising, because it does help!Once I was back in a place where I wasn’t hurting consistently, I got the stroller out and ran 3 times a week.  Here is what our schedule looked like:

1) Wake up, drink coffee and see my husband off for work.
2) Nurse baby.
3) Change into workout clothes, bundle up baby, and head out with stroller.
4) Go for a run around the neighborhood.
5) Get home, nurse baby, and then shower while baby is sleeping in bouncer.
6) Have a snack.
​7) Go on with the day!

So, some things I WISH I had done differently:
1) I wish I had done more strength training.  I did virtually none besides carrying around DD all day long.  Some weights would have really helped me get back into the game a little quicker.
2) I wish I had focused on eating real, nutritious food.  I so often ate processed junk because I figured something was better than nothing (true) BUT I should have grabbed a banana or apple those times instead of a cheap granola bar.
3) I wish I had pushed myself a little harder.  I got out there, but I took it easy.

All in all, I am so thankful I had running post partum.  I look back and regret not working harder, but at the same time, I wouldn’t take away the time I spent with DD just bonding and enjoying our snuggles together.  I won’t get that first year back, and had I focused on getting faster, I would have missed a lot.

Now that she is a toddler, running around the place, I need to get stronger and faster so that I can keep up!  More on that, later!

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