Race Review

RunFit Chunky Challenge

Every year, the local race organizers have a challenge to run two races back to back – the Cherry Garcia and the Chunky Monkey.  We decided to run the Chunky Monkey after running Cherry Garcia with our church Run for God class – it’s all about the bling after all!


Cherry Garcia took place on Father’s Day – and BOY was it HOT!  As we drove to the race, the thermometer on the car read 100… We knew it would be hot, so we had been upping our fluids all week.  We also froze all the water that went in our Flip Belts and utilized the ice for a pre-race cool down!


We met with our group for a quick group photo and a prayer, and then we headed over to the start!  The race was HOT HOT HOT so we all tried to be careful on our pacing.  My goal for this race was initially to run in under 30 but that goal quickly changed to “just PR”.  (I realized yesterday that my race PR was previously 40:00, so I should have been a little conservative and shot for anything sub 40!)  I finished this race in 34:34 and was pretty dissapointed in myself, but I should have just been happy I race PR’d by 5 and a half minutes!


Chunky Monkey was a different story – the race took place on 7/16/17 and I had been focusing on Heart Rate based training and speed work as much as possible in the month between the two races.  I didn’t get to train as much as I had hoped because I had a leftover injury from the Tink Half (a strained calf muscle) and I didn’t want to make things worse.

I started the race a little too quick, and by the time the course turned to head South and was directly in the sun, my HR had hit 197 and stayed that high for a few minutes, so I had to take a walking break.  By the time I recovered a bit, I realized I didn’t have the strength to go as fast as needed to finish in under 30.  I ran the last half mile, barely making it across the finish line at 30:33.  This is the first time I can honestly say I gave it my all at a race and even though I didn’t break 30, I am very proud of myself.  I beat my PR from a month previous by 4 minutes and 1 second!


We got some refreshments and grabbed our Chunky Challenge medals and headed back to the car – after all, we still had to lead worship in two hours! 🙂


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